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LGBT Rights Arguments

June 21st, 2009 No comments

Reading an article at my eyes landed on what’s probably the best simple breakdown of all of the arguments people are using to try to strip rights from the LGBT community. I felt compelled to take the time to challenge their logic flaws:

a.) homosexuality is a choice so it shouldn’t be protected;

  • To this, I’d simply like to ask…what person would choose a more difficult life. If it was simply a matter of choice, I don’t think you’d have so many people making the same choice for a more difficult life.

b.) homosexuality is a behavior so it shouldn’t be protected;

  • Protesting is a behavior, yet that right is protected. Saying something shouldn’t be protected because it’s a behavior just makes no sense…look how many “behaviors” are already protected.

c.) homosexuals don’t meet the 3 three Supreme Court criteria for civil rights protection so they shouldn’t be protected (economically disadvantaged, immutable characteristic, politically powerless);

  • By limiting the rights of the LGBT community, including restricting their ability to legally marry, you create a situation of economic disadvantage as the LGBT couples are no longer able to receive the same work and tax benefits as their straight counterparts. This becomes increasingly exacerbated as you look at all of the places today where one can have their employment terminated for no other reason.
  • There has been no solid proof that one’s sexual orientation can be changed either willingly or forcibly. In fact there’s been a fair bit more research that suggests that this is indeed an immutable characteristic.
  • The article itself states that the LGBT community is approximately 3% of the population. How does this not equate to being politically powerless?

d.) protections for homosexuals violate my religious freedoms so they shouldn’t be protected

  • Someone needs to go back to high school and study the bill of rights again. People do not have unlimited rights, and their rights end where others’ begin. Your right to religious freedom CAN NOT override the rights to legal protections for LGBT persons.

I would like to see the conservatives fighting against the rights of their fellow man have a solid argument for what they’re doing. This isn’t because I believe that there IS a solid argument, just because I’d like to think that they have a reason aside from hatred and bigotry for what they’re doing.

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